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Under the supervision of animal psychologists and special natural training, the most effective and humane way to get rid of MICE in each house is by having a cat.

Our branch, “CAT FOR RENT”, in London serves the natural disposal of mice in your homes.

The smell of a cat and its presence in the house after the first day makes the mice sense danger.

7 DAYS. Our professionals have proven that it only takes 7 days to get rid of the problem and live without mice running around your house forever.

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How to catch a mouse without killing it…?

__You can buy humane mousetraps that have a trapdoor that falls down and the mouse is then in the box.

But when releasing them you must go far away from your hose as mice can travel long distances.
Where you have one mouse, you will expect to have at least 20 you can’t see. In six m

onths, one pair of mice can eat about four pounds of food and produce some 18,000 droppings. Mice, like rats, continously dribble urine wherever they go, so by spreading many nasty bacteria which could cause severe health problems to people.

The average female mouse can produce five to ten litters of 5-6 babies per year. And the female babies start having their own at 8 weeks old. That means one breeding pair can have the ability to create a population of more than 15000 (yes fifteen thousand!!) in 12 months.
I am sorry, but because of the health risk, I would agree with your Mum and put down poison. If you set them free you will only be transferring the problem to someone else, and the ones you don’t catch in the traps will continue to breed and breed and breed.

We have just had a plague of rats in my chicken house. I couldn’t catch them quick enough to reduce the population and had to resort to poison. You might say rats are a different matter, but the health risk is the same.

__You can use A bannana,dog food or rabbit food if it is hungry it will go for it ,but I had rats in my guarage,and I saved the dog food bags.I would open one corner of the bag and put the food for the dog into A bucket W/A top for it then I put some of the food in the bag and put it W/the hole open as wide as possable along the wall the next day I would have 2 or 3 rats in the bag ,slowly ease into the guarage to the bag W/the hole away from you and step on the corner of the bag closing the hole,(close quickly)then roll the bag up A little and place A clothes pen or 2 on the end to keep closed then take them to the field and release them.